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How to guide

(Please keep front door and all bifold doors closed otherwise AC will turn off)

Screen Shot 2022-08-01 at 8.29.52 pm.png

Savant Screen

Press the degree C temperature area on the screen, this changes and rotates through each room


Once clicked this will take you to the next page


Select Top Living

(you may need to scroll down)


See below for the next page

AC 2.png
AC 3.png

This page determines the Air Conditioning's state either On or Off

Press the little gear icon on the top right hand corner of the screen


See below for the next page

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Cool Mode or Heat Mode

Once you have selected your desired mode, cool or heat, hit the auto fan mode


See below for the next page

AC 4.png
test 6.png


If you see this picture you have successfully turned the Air conditioning on. Press "Climate Top living"at the top of the Savant Screen to navigate your way to the rooms page to turn on your desired room location.

Dont forget to turn the room "Top Living Room" off to shutdown the Air Conditioning.

Note - If bi-fold doors are open for longer than 15 minutes the aircon will turn off automatically.

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